Friday, 4 March 2016

In or Out?

David Cameron promised to 'renegotiate' the UK's membership and get a new deal then ask the country by Referendum if they agreed with it. Not "can he UK survive outside of the EU?". In his 2013 Bloomberg Speech he himself said, I quote:

"Of course Britain could make her own way in the world, outside the EU, if we chose to do so. So could any other Member State."

Cameron's 'new deal' has not reformed the EU in any shape or form bar for a few possible temporary measures, if agreed by Brussels.

Temporary brake on migants
Temporary brake on paying benefits (up to 7 years)
Temporary 'red card' if we can get 55% support across the EU
Temporary 'objection' to concerns over EZ legislation that may affect the UK/City
All subject to the EU agreeing of course.

The Remainers should stop 'Project Fear' and tell us how Cameron has reformed the EU and how these reforms benefit the UK now and in the future.