Thursday, 18 February 2010

Whatever happened to the diet?

Oh dear, whatever happened to the diet? First there was a "boys" get together with Terry, malcolm and Mike to celebrate Terry becoming a grandad again. Then the Old Lags Reunion, where the odd glass or three was drunk was followed by a Catenian Dinner the next night. This was in an excellent Italian restaurant in Bermondsey. A great time was had by all. Julia and I went by public transport, which is free to the over sixties - who said that there were no advantages in getting old? We had a lift home which made it all the better.
Then there was rugby over the weekend. I just made it to the start of the Welsh/Scottish game as we had been helping at church in the morning. The exciting Saturday games were followed by the turgid English performance on Sunday. England were dreadful; but at least they won. Andrew, Gaew, Kieron and Claire came round to watch, at least we could chat and have a beer during the sorry spectacle.

A young couple have moved in to the house opposite. They called round to see us whilst the game was on, at least it enlivened the proceedings! They invited us over for pancakes on Shrove Tuesday.  Julia was unable to come as she had a UCM meeting. I had a meeting but was able to join them at about 9pm. They are a lovely couple and had some interesting friends; but boy did I feel old. they are all about thirty or younger, I somewhat raised the average age in the room. The pancakes were lovely but I ate far too many!

So far I have avoided putting on any weight despite all the food and drink - but I am still x stone 10 lbs - time for another run (or slow jog!).

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