Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Walthamstow Market

Last Saturday Julia and I decided to go up to town and visit Oxford Street and the Wallace Collection; using of course our Freedom Passes. Whilst on the tube going to Oxford Circus I mentioned that the line ended at Walthamstow. Julia said that she had never been there so that is where we went. We were amazed at what we found; the longest street market in Europe!

It was fascinating, it is an old cockney market which is now infused with a strong ethnic mix.
We had a great day browsing at the myriad stalls and shops that lined the streets. It would be a great place to buy your fruit and veg, cheap prices and good quality. There are plenty of cafes to stop for a coffee and a bite; not to mention numerous pubs. There is still a traditional Pie and Eel shop, Manze's which has been restored to its former glory.
A great day out, a London gem which is often overlooked.

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  1. Glad you liked Walthamstow, I used to work in a shop down the market, and it's my home town!
    You should have caught the bus to see Walthamstow's Town Hall, it is one of the best Art Deco buildings left in the country and is another hidden gem of London!
    Larry Smith

  2. Larry
    Next we go we will do that, it was a pure spur of the moment thing. I had no idea that there was a street market!