Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Of friends and family

Last weekend was quite busy and interesting. Friday night saw me attend the Kirkham Cup. This is a light hearted speaking competition organised by the Catenians. It started with a formal meeting, followed by dinner then the competition. Speakers have just three minutes so it is fast paced. There were some 163 of us there; a good evening.

Saturday saw me glued to the box watching the rugby. Andrew and Gaew joined me for the England game following the dire spectacle of Ireland v Italy. Thinking about it dispassionately the England v Wales game was not that good; but it was exciting and England won.  Besides it fulfilled one of my criteria for a good game of rugby ; one that Wales lose! I spent too many days at college surrounded by Welsh rugby players cheering on the great Welsh teams of the late sixties. I gain still recall the pain of Keith Jarrett scoring 19 points in his debut game playing England. They did have some very special players.

Sunday saw Julia's niece and boyfriend join us for a late Sunday dinner. Andrew and Gaew joined us; we had great food and a good long chat. A most enjoyable evening

All this has dome no good to me dietary campaign. the only consolation is that I am still going out for a "wobble". I think that to start with every other day will be sufficient; Rome was not built in day.

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