Sunday, 31 January 2010

All Quiet on the Western Front

A relatively quiet week. Work is continuing apace; we had an interesting education day on Friday. An early start at Portsmouth meant that we had to stay overnight the preceeding Thursday. This gave a chance for team to meet up and have a quiet beer together. It is always good to meet up and have a chat with everybody. The way that we work today such occasions are few and far between. It also gave me a chance to reacquaint myself with Gales HSB , a wonderful pint, at the Still and West - a great pub.

I am a Catenian, the Catenians are a Catholic businessman's organisation, it is mainly social in nature and our main aim is to support one another, our families and our faith. This months edition of Catena, our monthly magazine, had some interesting letters about the re admittance of the Society of St. Pius X to the church. I am not quite sure where I stand on this; I just hope and pray that all debates and discussions are conducted in a friendly and civilised manner. I guess that either the Society has changed or modified its views or that the Church realises that it should not have been excluded in the first place.
The major problems that all religions face is that such debates are often fueled with rancour which was not quite what Jesus intended. I guess that we have to accept that as we are all imperfect the church , being made up of imperfect people, will be imperfect to.

One of the other lodge owners send some photos of the site in Devon taken when it was-17 Centigrade. It looks somewhat cold!

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  1. Ah the Still and West, for all those budding yachtmaster's it's a great place to practice your navigation lights, gazing out of the windows with a pint in hand!!