Friday, 15 June 2018

The Change of Life

I was reading the online press this morning when I realised that many of the articles were about people and things that I neither know about or care about. 
What is a reality TV star? Should I care about Kim Kardashian? Who or what is Towie? When they write about pop I am hard pushed to distinguish between the name of the band and the song. Should I care that Wayne Rooney's car has been towed away?
I find it hard to distinguish between the female tennis players from Eastern European countries, they all seem to shriek and squeal with great aplomb which I am sure is designed to put off their opponent. Is that sporting or fair?
Many writers seem to care nothing for spelling, grammar or punctuation (so any mistakes in this post are my merely trying to keep abreast with the times). 
I then realised that at last I really have morphed into my dad. I am happy!

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