Wednesday, 8 February 2017

The NHS is stil working

Despite all the negative comments recent personal experience shows to my wife and I that the NHS is still working. Last Tuesday evening, 31 January, Julia, who had been unwell, noticed that her hands and arms were starting to swell and a rash was spreading on her body at an alarming rate. She dialed 111 and they said that a doctor would call back within the hour. Fifteen minutes later he called back, listened to her and asked some questions. He then said to go to the PRU (our local hospital) and hat he would send her notes over. We went to the PRU, the notes were there. We saw the triage people very quickly and some blood samples were taken for testing. Then came the one frustrating part, a five hour wait to see the doctor.
Once we saw the doctor things moved at a great rate, more tests, ECG, X-rays etc.A move from Accident & Emergency to a bed in the Emergency Assessment Unit and visits from two consultants. Late on Wednesday she was moved to a bed in the Chartwell Unit. Over the next few days she had more tests, CT scan, Ultra sound tests and regular blood tests. The diagnosis was vasculitis and she was out on a course of steroids.
Yesterday evening, Tuesday 7 February, Julia was discharged with a course of steroids to complete and a series of follow-up consultations to attend.
The treatment could not have been better, everybody; cleaners, porters, nurses, doctors, consultants etc were friendly and approachable. I suspect that if we were really try we could somethings that were not quite perfect. But overall the NHS delivered on its promise.
So do not believe all that you read. No doubt budgets are stretched and some people do not receive high quality treatment. But for us it was brilliant so a big thank you to the NHS, to the PRU and to all the staff who work there.