Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Robbery in Paris

The papers and other media are awash with news of a jewel robbery that took place in Paris to one Kim Kardashian. Obviously I deplore all robberies and hope that the young lady recovers from her ordeal.
My question is who is she and why is she worthy of such coverage? I believe that she is the daughter of Robert Kardashian who was a friend of OJ Simpson and was on his defence team. I understand that she was a "stylist" for Paris Hilton (!!) whatever a stylist is. I thought that ones parents gave you ideas as to what to wear or what not to wear until you were old enough to think for yourself. It would appear that some of the airheads today are not able to do this for themselves and so require people to tell them.
She then appears to have "starred" in, or should that be on, some sex tapes and next she was on reality TV. Now I thought that the news was reality TV but I am obviously wrong here.
So my suspicion is that she is now famous for being famous and is obviously worth a lot of money as she had several million pounds worth of jewelry. I just hope that the insurance premiums were up to date.
Judging by her appearance her plastic surgeon must be worth a few bob or is it that I need new glasses?
Anyway it is my birthday today as well as being the feast day of St Francis (another deacon) and so I mustn't be curmudgeonly.
I wish her well and hope that she recovers from her ordeal and that her "followers" grow up and get a life for themselves.
Have a happy feast day everybody.