Saturday, 21 May 2016

Brexit and the Cost of Housing

A non-influential think tank (on a good day that is) the Barrington Omniscient Lackadaisical Laboratory Of Claptrap Kick-ass Stuff has reported that leaving the EU will result in an overnight doubling, possible trebling of house prices for existing house owners. Whilst those wishing to purchase houses will have easy access to unlimited funds to purchase said properties thus solving the current housing crisis.
The detailed research (looking through the bottom of empty pint glasses) is not available to mere mortals. This methodology is radically different to that used by the Chancellor Of the Exchequer - he uses bottles of Chablis when doing his sums - but the results are equally valid (note that he is predicting an 18% fall in value when we leave).
Whether we will notice any of this as we are busy fighting World War 3, plagues of frogs and other stuff is anyone's guess. Still as Lord Barrington reportedly said, "Everyone is coming up with stupid predictions and forecasts so I thought that I should join in. My rubbish is as good as the next man's and that includes the current Prime Minister".
Make of it what you will, but remember you read it hear first folks!