Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Current Activities

Things are pretty good for us although rather hectic. I am finishing off my dissertation and extended essay. they are due in at the end of April. Hopefully, if they are OK, my Foundation Degree will be upgraded to an Honours Degree. As I am now "working" as a Permanent Deacon at our local church I am finding getting motivated a challenge. Sometimes I do wonder why I decided to go for this. I could have just stuck with the basic degree. Never mind - onward and upward!

We are both occupied at Church as we have a Parish Mission starting this coming weekend. Julia is in charge of hospitality which means getting a group of people together to provide  refreshments after all the services - including breakfast after the 6:30am Mass! She is also having to provide lunch and supper for the Mission Team that is visiting the Parish - this is up to 13 people. You will understand that she is quite busy!