Friday, 10 January 2014

An interesting debate

There is an interesting debate going on in the comment section of the Daily Telegraph. One of the posts is:
You cannot live forever.. Attempting to extend life expectancy for people who should have died years ago just racks up the bill "which is already oppressive" and continues to make the population / housing crisis even worse...
Their must be a cut off point at which your time is up. And it must be set by population demographics not by condition.
Their are far too many elderly in the UK for the tax base to support something has to go, Either tax the economy and those of working age to death or give Nature a push and drop the population and free up resources.
Either way expanding pensions and healthcare and continuing to tie up so many flats and houses on a section of the population that has "to be blunt" had it is complete madness. Either set a cut off point and after that step back and let Nature reset the population balance or more pro-active methods will eventually have to be used, The UK cannot maintain the current12 million "soon to be over 20 million" elderly.. The economy and the tax base of 34 million due to drop to 29 million of working age cannot pay for or accommodate so many in retirement.
Sticking your head in the sand and hoping for the best will not cut it i'm afraid... The problem will not just go away and so far everything the government is doing to win the next election will just bring D-day closer and quicker that it would have been had they not decided to keep the triple lock and not to means test. The deficit has not shrunk "it is impossible to shrink it now boomers are hitting the retirement pay rolls" the debt is increasing exponentially and the tax base just cannot keep up.
That their will be a reckoning "and in a time short" as opposed to many years from now is absolutly guaranteed. The longer it is ignored the worse it gets and the more draconian the solution. Sorry to pee in your soup but it is what it is and given the voter demographics it cannot be fixed... The end result after the next election is not in doubt...... Good luck.

As the write syas, sticking our head in the sand is not an option. The question is what should we do?
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