Thursday, 18 July 2013

Great British Budget Menu

Just watched a recording of the Great British Budget Menu. Three top chefs went to stay with three families, a single mum with one child, a pensioner and a family of five who are all struggling to survive on a very limited food budget. If nothing else it made me very thankful for waht I have.
The programme did not go into (it may have done but I missed the opening) of how or why they had so little. Suffice it to say they had very little. Food banks were one source of supplementing the food budget. But it seems incredible that in this day and age working families, as they did all work apart from the OAP, have to live in food poverty.
There are no easy answers as we are in the middle of a recession, but as a country we need to do something. As an individual I need to do something, we do give currently to our local foodbank, but more needs to be done. Food for thought as they say.