Thursday, 3 June 2010

Girls Weekend

A couple of weekends ago Julia met up with some "Old Girls" from St. Paul's College of Education the teacher training college that she left some forty years ago. Five of them met up, they had all lived in digs together in their first year in Coventry. They met at Coventry station and stayed at a nearby B&B which by all accounts was very good. Unfortunately they were not able to get into their old college which is now a training college for prison warders(prisoners/pupils is there much difference!). That was rather sad as a couple of  years ago we had a turning sixty reunion in Rugby with a couple of friends from Rugby College. As all our wives had attended St. Paul's and so we visited the place; that time the security people let us in (the college is now closed at weekends).

Inside the main house, Julia, Maria and Maureen, taken in 2007

The main building at St. Paul's
The "new" blocks of study/bedrooms
The girls did have one piece of luck; they went to to the address of where they had lived together back in 1967 and found, much to their surprise, that Mrs Mannion still lived there and amazingly remembered them.
 With Mrs Mannion (taken by Julia)

"Old Girls" together again after 40 years

By all accounts it was a good weekend and they have vowed not to leave it forty years before they meet up again (they should live so long!!)