Wednesday, 24 April 2013

My Birthday Present

For my 65th birthday present my "beloved" youngest children, Lawrie and Helena got me"just what I always wanted". Well I am not so sure about that - it was a tandem skydive!!!!!! I decided not to do it in the cold of the winter and fortunately today the weather was great. The early fog and cloud burnt off and it was as good a day as I could have wanted. Though maybe thick cloud, pouring rain and high wind is what I really wanted so that I could not jump.
Anyway I did it, feeling scared (or should that be petrified) all the way up, but once out of the plane it was fabulous. So thank you Helena and Lawrie.

 Start of the day

 Ready to board

Praying hard!

 It is good fun!

 The chute works as well!

Almost back on Terra Firma
Thank you Adam


  1. Wow that's scary - I mean imagine looking up and seeing that third photo down!!!

    Congratulations rather your than me

  2. You should try it Max - you have done fire walking