Sunday, 5 August 2012

The Olympics

Friday saw me with our youngest son, Lawrie, off to the Olympics. I had managed to buy two tickets for the evening track session. We had to get there around lunch-time as the tickets that I got for Orbitz - the weird sculpture were for 1:30. We had a fabulous time. The views from the top of Orbitz were great - you could see into part  of the Olympic stadium. If you timed it right you would be able to watch the 100 metres from there!

 The views over London were stunning.

We spent the afternoon watching events on the large screen; then in the evening we saw some great track and field events. We saw the last events of the of the first day of the heptathlon, final of the men's shot which was an absorbing contest and the final of the women's 10,000 metresThe views over London were stunning. Plus we saw the heats of the men's 1500mteres and the women's 100 metres and the women's discus. A fantastic evening, the stadium is great and despite being farky high up we had great views of eveything. I am so grateful I could get tickets.

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