Thursday, 26 July 2012

A Hectic Few Weeks

We have been out and about the last few weeks which have somewhat curtailed my blogging activities. We had a few days down at the Lodge in Devon. The weather was not up to much, the continual rain, although we did manage one walk along the river.
We returned on a Sunday; the next day I was up bright and early leaving home at 5 am to catch a flight from Heathrow to Dallas. I spent a week there on business, all work and sadly very little play! The return flight was rather long, or rather we spent a long time in the plane. We boarded and were a couple of minutes from pushing back from the terminal when a sudden storm hit. Thunder and lightning accompanied by strong winds - the plane was rocking and rolling even though we were stationery. We had a fun three hours of this before things abated and the airport opened again. So in total we were on board for over 12 hours. At least when we got to LHR all the security desks were opened and there was no queue; in fact I had about ten desks to chose from.
Then it was straight down to Rainham in Kent to witness a friend's ordination into the Permanent Diaconate. Thanks to the delay I missed the first part of the service; but I made the Mass. Then it was customer meetings in Manchester, at least I am home now. The office in London is shut for the duration of the Olympics which means working from home or at customer sites.
Currently we are enjoying glorious weather, but we are going on a picnic this Sunday which no doubt will mean a return of the rain!

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