Sunday, 12 June 2011

Interfaith Walk

On Saturday Julia and I took part in a walk around the "Holy City" of Southall. It comprised people of all ages and faiths and we called in on a wide variety of places of worship, Christian, Islamic, Sikh, Buddhist... It was fascinating and we all got to understand each other a bit more. Strangers are scary, friends are not so the more friends we make the better. There was also a multi-faith event taking place in a park in Southall where we had lunch, again a great experience.

 In the Park

In the Park




  1. I recall from my travels in the far east that the Buddest temples also had Hindu shrines on the basis they they were equally welcome to come and worship - it was very welcoming - ultimately we all share the same humanity and values - as you say the more we mix and understand and extend the hand of friendship the better our world will be.

  2. Buddhism is an interesting faith/belief system; is it a religion or a philosophy? There is more than one PH.D thesis in that question. I remember having an interesting discussion with an American Professor of Philosophy who taught at a Chinese University; talk about taking coals to Newcastle. He said that many Chinese embraced Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism - it all depended on the particular circumstances as to which was the most appropriate. It is mainly in the West that we are intent on putting people and faiths into boxes.

  3. Paul Priestley6 July 2012 at 09:09

    Dear Barry,

    It was a great day. I highly recommend to those of any faith or none.

    All the best,