Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Super Injunctions -2

Ah well it is all out in the open now; well more or less anyway. I still do not see what point there is in knowing who is "mating" with whom. The only people that it should concern are the people directly involved and their families. The case of Sir Fred Goodwin may be slightly different in that he appears to have broken the banks own rules and the bank is now partly owned by us the taxpayer.

If it was someone who was taking a high moral stance on issues  then we should be aware of their hypocrisy. The case of members of Parliament is interesting; if they are prepared to cheat on their loved ones then what do they do to us the taxpayer and voter - guess that we get screwed in any event.


  1. Ryan Giggs claims to be homesick, he likes Manchester but does Miss Wales occasionally

  2. If you are a "public" figure and you do play away from home the fans will find out!