Thursday, 3 June 2010

Back again!

Phew; it has been a while now since I put "pen to paper" or rather finger to keyboard. Not quite sure why although since we got back from the Holy Land life has been rather hectic. A couple of days after we landed there were a couple of funerals to attend. The first was of a Catenian friend; Bill who was in his nineties. Maybe it was the after affects of a ten days of intense spiritual experience but somehow the service itself seemed to "lack" something. This was also true the following day, although to a lesser extent, when we attaneded the funerl of Anne Mellish, the widow of Bob Mellish the late Labour MP and government minister, unusually this funeral was on a Saturday. If it was not held on the Saturday there would have been a delay of several weeks due to a shortage of service time in local crematoria. Most of the family were there apart from a few who were on holiday/away on business. It was good to meet up up and pay tribute to a wonderful lady who was in her mid-nineties.

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