Friday, 8 January 2010

First Post

Well at the beginning of 2010 I thought that I should start a Family Website/Blog. I used to have one until the service provider, no names no pack drill, suddenly decided to take the site down without warning. Thanks to the Burlesdon Blogger run by my friend Max I decided that if he could run one so could I.

I trust that you all had a good Christmas and New Year and that you are enjoying the white stuff that seems to be covering all of England's "Green and Pleasant Land".

We had a good time, the weekend before Christmas we, that is all our children plus other halves, gathered together. It was the first time that we have all been together since I turned 60 a couple of years ago. For the very first time we have a photo of the whole group.

Back row: Barry, David, Emma (Lawrie's partner), Lawrie, Julia, Andrew, Gaew (Andrew's wife)
Front row: Helena, Sam (her boyfriend)


  1. Barry - welcome to the blog'o'shpere - allow me to make the first comment

  2. Very impressive Barry and for how long are you going to keep this up??

  3. Well until January 9 at least!

  4. What a great start to your blogging career. Within four hours you have women asking how long you will keep it up.

    The spirit of Benny Hill lives on

  5. Lovely to see the whole family together !
    I few more years, and I imagine we will be filling up a big couch nicely like that too ;-)

    I like this idea of a Blog as I tend to ramble to myself too long on the facebook. I took my inspiration for an annual family newsletter come website from Aunt Janice Lee, perhaps I will take some inspiration for a Blog from you ! Don't hold your breath though, I'm just now catching up on a dozen years of TV, movies, and books !

    Karen Lee Woods
    (mom of 3, married to Mark Woods, Son of Sheila, cousin of Barry)
    Oh, yes, and the family tree is another big project for the future ...

  6. Nice picture. You guys look great! Hi from California,
    Joan & Bruce

  7. Nice start Barry, looking forward to reading future entries. robin

  8. A very Good - Healthy and Happy New Years ! . .A New Years 'Present' would be for a New and Larger Couch for the Mellish Family!