Monday, 11 January 2010


Well I arrived OK and by heavens it is cold, makes Blighty seem almost warm at freezing: here it is about -7 Celsiius or 19 Fahrenheit.
The flight was OK although I am not that impressed by American Airlines. It took over an hour to check in, the self service machines were not accepting people with checked luggage so I had to join the queue which was long and painful. The in flight entertainment was rudimentary to say the least and they charge extra for alcohol. Still I did manage to read the Sunday Times and have a sleep.

I arrived and cleared the airport by about 15:30; so I just checked into the hotel dumped by bags and headed for the water taxi to go the main city centre. I made for the North End of town which I had been told was the "Little Italy" of Boston. Found a great restaurant and after a good meal with a couple of glasses of red I felt nicely warmed up. I then to had to brave the bitter cold and caught the water taxi back to the hotel where I had to thaw out again before retiring for an early night. Let's hope the rest of the trip is as good.


  1. Don't be too hard on American Airlines - travel to the US from Europe has been prejudiced by the Xmas day escapade of the Nigerian chap setting fire to his penis. I think they are all reeling from this.
    I hope you get (got) a chance to visit some of the older parts of Boston. It is an interesting town.

  2. Peter; The check in at American was solely due to the length of the queues and the number of people at the desks. Going through security was tighter than usual but took no longer - they had enough teams working. I have never enjoyed flying American and only did so as they were much cheaper than BA and i couldn't find another carrier that flew direct.