Saturday, 16 January 2010

Back In Blighty

I returned after my trip late Friday evening to find that all the snow had gone; England was back to a green land again! Being driven back home on the M25 the traffic was back , although at 9 pm there were no traffic jams thank heavens.

Reflecting on the past week it had been a good trip. I managed to see something of Boston and will definitely return for a holiday with Julia. It  will probably in the autumn so that we can spend a few days looking at the New England trees which are spectacular as the leaves change colour.

The business side was good too. We had some fruitful discussions and I learnt a lot. The team are a great bunch of people and we are working with a good innovative exciting product. It is just a pity that the UK senior management managed to upset the whole of the UK labour force by the changes to the pension system; it is worth listening to the discussions that took place in the House of Commons that I posted yesterday. It is interesting that we now have a new UK General Manager whether this is a direct result of the pensions backlash I will never know. I first met Stephen some twenty years ago when he was working as a contractor for IBM in our education centre in Brussels. Then he was setting up lab sessions and was a technical dogsbody; now he is running the country from an IBM perspective. Proof that if you have the ability and determination you can make it to the top which is one of the great things about IBM.

Now it is back to the rain and listening to see how we are faring in the Test Match in South Africa; not too well by the sound of things. Life is back to normal.

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