Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Life has been fairly chaotic and hectic in the Mellish household. Last year we did a revamp of our kitchen including knocking down a wall so that the kitchen leads into the dining room. That is something we weren't going to do, but we did!Inline image
This year we decided to embark on a revamp of the bedrooms, we ended up living in the loft bedroom along with 8 clothes rails and numerous boxes with all our clothes in. We had work done to all three bedrooms on the first floor so all the wardrobes had to be emptied. It was a good excuse for a good clear out. That work is done, we now have the decorators in who are finishing off the hall stairs and landings as I type. We had to change decorators mid flow as the one who did the kitchen and the bedrooms could not give us an acceptable date for doing the stairs and landings. This delayed things and the one we have is dearer - but they are doing a much better job. We didn't want cheap we wanted a job that will "see us out" and this one will. So for the past couple of months we have been sharing the house with assorted tradesmen - but the end is in sight!
Last weekend we celebrated our Sapphire Wedding (45 years). The day was last Sunday and we renewed our vows at Mass.
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All the children (and grandchild) were there which made it rather special. After the Mass we went out for a family meal with two very close friends - Veronica who we have known for some 38 years, Julia met her at toddler group when David was two. She was also scout leader and was in charge of the party when they went to Uganda in 1999. Her husband Paddy died a couple of years ago and I conducted his funeral service.  Mike the other friend has been divorced for some 20 or so years. We helped him during and after the process and he has spent many Christmas and Easter holidays with us, so he is considered part of the family. The meal was great, it felt as if we were trying to drink a bottle of wine for each year of marriage - I think we managed 12 or 13 in the end!
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Then it was back to our place for chat and coffee!

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Saturday, 23 July 2016

Wedding Anniversary

Tomorrow, Sunday 24 July we will have been married for 45 years. The family are gathering for the celebration. Lawrie, Emma and Henry have just arrievd. Helena and Sam are en-route. They had some car issues which delayed them setting off. I just hope that they have no further problems or hit too much traffic.

Hot Weather

Trapped in a never ending cycle. It's hot, I have a cold cider and then fall asleep. Lady M wakes me as I am snoring. I am hot so I have another cider and then fall asleep. Lady M wakes me .............!