Saturday, 22 November 2014

"They" still don't get it!

The leaders of our main parties still do not get what is happening in the country. Maybe it is that they live in the rarefied air of the "Westminster Bubble" or perhaps it is that they have never had a real job outside the cosy world of politics and public relations. The electorate is fed up with the professional full-time politicians who ignore the wishes of the "common people". They do not listen to the few hardy souls that join the party. The latest example of which is the Labour Party bypassing local parties to parachute in candidates who are part of Ed Milliband's coterie.
It would be nice to have a few people in Parliament who have had proper jobs, who have had to live on the minimum wage for some years. Who with a spouse/partner  raise a family and had to have had to juggle three jobs between them  just to make ends meet. Then we might start getting some sensible welfare policies.
If the Tories had a few more small businessman; running a corner shop, small garage  or similar then we might have policies that actually helped people start  their own business.
Instead of which they just attract people in cast from the same mould. So what happens - the electorate vote for UKIP and cast the LibDems into the outer darkness. Half of politics is all about perception and the perception of UKIP is that they listen and care about issues that worry the "man on the Clapham omnibus". Whether this is true or false is irrelevant, it is what people believe.
So despite Polly Tonybee and her ilk on the Guardian and "call me Dave's" chums on the Telegraph the people will continue to read the Mail, the Sun, The Express and The Mirror and many will vote UKIP.

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