Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Voting at the next election

I am not suggesting that I would vote UKIP, but I can see why people will, if you want the UK to leave the EU what other option do you have?
 Quite frankly I am very despondent about politics in the  UK right now. Cameron is bent on not only destroying marriage, but the NHS and the welfare system. It seems he has now found God but you cannot help but wonder if this is to appease his former supporters. The Labour parties economic policy is laughable and I cannot forgive them for not only selling off gold at the bottom of the market but hastening the destruction of company pension schemes. The LibDems are a joke, for Clegg to be trounced in the "debates" shows the paucity of ideas and leadership. Right now Alec "wee heck" is running rings round all the Westminster politicians.
With the EU having the clown Baroness Ashton as "Foreign Minster", to be frank she gives clowns a bad name, it shows the numpties that are leading it.
I have been able to vote for the past 46 years and I have never more felt like not doing so. I will vote but right now I feel like putting "none of the above" on my ballot paper.

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