Monday, 28 April 2014

Easter Festivities

On the Wednesday before Easter I was at St George's Cathedral Southwark for the Chrism Mass. This is where the oils that are used throughout the year for baptisms, confirmations and for the anointing of the sick are blessed. It is at this Mass that the priests in the diocese renew their commitment. There must have been 90+ priests, 60 or so deacons plus six bishops (some retired) and the Archbishop. The cathedral was packed so I was feeling somewhat nervous, it all seemed to go OK.
Then Maunday Thursday I preached at the Mass of the Lord's Supper - I preach quite often but I was really worried about this one as it is a very important occasion. the Church was packed which made it worse. Fortunately all seemed to go off OK and I have received a lot of favourable comments about my homily. I also preached at the 8:00am Mass on Easter Sunday, that also seemed to go OK.
Good Friday evening we went out to dinner with Andrew and Gaew - it was Andrew's birthday. We had an excellent meal at a local one starred Michelin restaurant - they paid as a thank you for us having them stay  for two months when they were selling their flat and buying the new house. The meal was excellent, it being Good Friday I was eating fish which was no hardship as the cooking is brilliant.

Lawrie, Emma and Henry were down for Easter, arriving Easter Saturday (Lawrie was working on Good Friday). Helen also came down.
It was great to see them all. On Easter Sunday we were able to have dinner with our four children which was nice.
On Easter Monday six of us - Lawrie, Emma, Henry, Helena, Julia and I went up to London. The weather was great so apart from a look at one art exhibition we spent the time walking along South Bank where there were lots of street performers. We then went into St James Park and ended up at a French bistro for an early dinner. Helena then left to go up north by train. Sam did not come down as he went to Wales with his parents. Helena said that as she sees him every day so it is no hardship being apart for the odd couple of days.

All in all it was a great holiday.
I have now finished my dissertation and all the coursework for my degree - I just hope I pass!

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