Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Maureen Grace - RIP

I have just received this email:
Dear all,

For any who may not know me, I am Maureen's youngest daughter, Elaine. 

It is with great regret and sorrow that this message is one of bad news. Mum passed away on Friday 31/5/13 at Coventry Walsgrave hospital. I am sorry this message has come in an e-mail, unfortunately this is the age we seem to be living in.

Mum was quite a private person and her passing will come as a shock to many of you I am sure but, Mum had been battling a very aggressive form of lung cancer which spread to her brain and eventually overcame her after fighting for just over a year. She did not want anyone to know. Typical Mum.

Even though we knew Mum was very ill, this has still come as a great shock to us all, especially as we lost Dad just last year. Helen and I are going to see the funeral directors tomorrow and will have details of funeral dates and times. The Funeral will most certainly take place in Churchover near Rugby, where Mum grew up. All are welcome.
I'm happy for anyone to phone me if they feel the need to.

Sorry to bring this news.

Julia and I had known Lawrie and Maureen since the mid-sixties. They were a great couple and they are the first couple of "our" gang of friends to die. Life can be a bitch.

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