Sunday, 27 May 2012

On the road to the Diaconate

On Saturday I had to sit an exam towards my degree. The hardest part was writing almost non-stop for two hours. I pity the poor examiners who have to try to decipher my writing; I have not hand written more than a few sentences for many years. Time to find the quill sharpener!
On Sunday I was conferred as an Acolyte and tow friends were conferred as Lectors (Readers). My installation as Lector took place last year. These are the two minor ministries we enter before ordination (God willing) as a Deacon. Bishop Pat presided at the service at our parish church of St. Joseph's.

Wayne receiving  the Bible

Aidan receiving the Bible

Me being installed as Acolyte

Father Tom (our PP), Wayne, Aidan, me, Bishop Pat

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