Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Super Injunctions -2

Ah well it is all out in the open now; well more or less anyway. I still do not see what point there is in knowing who is "mating" with whom. The only people that it should concern are the people directly involved and their families. The case of Sir Fred Goodwin may be slightly different in that he appears to have broken the banks own rules and the bank is now partly owned by us the taxpayer.

If it was someone who was taking a high moral stance on issues  then we should be aware of their hypocrisy. The case of members of Parliament is interesting; if they are prepared to cheat on their loved ones then what do they do to us the taxpayer and voter - guess that we get screwed in any event.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Super Injunctions

I see that thanks to twitter we can now "find out" who has obtained super injunctions and what they are for. Question is - so what? Does it really matter if we know/don't know who has been having affairs? I can understand the public interest if it is someone who takes a high moral stance; members of the clergy (any faith/creed); politicians - if they cheat on the ones they profess to love what do they do to their constituents? But footballerss, showbiz types etc - whoever thought they were paragons of moral virtue in the first place.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Rite of Candidacy

As part of the Diaconate Formation Programme on Saturday I underwent the Rite of Candidacy and was Instituted as a Lector at St. George's Cathedral, Southwark. Archbishop Peter Smith presided.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Royal Wedding Weekend

Julia and I took the opportunity to spend three nights in Norfolk and visit some of my cousins. We went up on the Friday and saw Peter and Nena who live in Hoxne. Despite some health problems they were both in good form. We had lunch in a nearby pub and then went back to the their house where we had a good natter.  We stayed at an excellent, click here for a link,  B&B in Ormesby St Margaret which is near the coast at Scratby.
Saturday we planned to drive up the coast to Cromer, but we got hijacked by a windmill at Horsey and then walked a mile or so to the beach to see the seals.

We also saw a fine looking bull

This took most of the day so we went back to change and saw my cousins Tony, Barbara and Gina with whom we had dinner. An excellent day.

Sunday we went to Sheringham and Cromer and on Monday had a leisurely drive home stopping off at a couple of place with lunch at Aldeburgh. All in all a great weekend. We must do this more often as we realised that we hadn't seen the family for a few years. In Cromer we saw a great art gallery run by George Debenham who does oils and photos, to see the work click here and also here.

Despite the sun it was a "bit bracing" due to the strong (gale force??) winds