Friday, 22 April 2011

Old Askean Dinner

The Old Askean Annual Dinner at the RAF Club was a great success. As Senior Vice President I proposed the triple toast, The worshipful Company of Haberdashers, The Governors and the School. I thought that it was just a case of proposing the toast, but when I arrived and looked at the menu I saw that I had to make a speech! So it was time for a quick think; it seemed to go down OK. One of the points I recounted was that when I left school I received a grant from the Haberdashers Company of £25. That doesn't seem much today but then it would have bought more than 250 pints of beer - what more could a student want?

In full flow

Julia talking to Dermot, my English master. Dermot is an Old Askean, when I started school I did not realise that it was his first day as a teacher. A great teacher and a lovely man who not only introduced me to some literature but to the joys of caving and mountain walking.

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