Monday, 20 December 2010

Farewell "Mo"

Clean shaven once more!

Growing it did raise £850+ for Prostate Cancer Research so it was worthwhile, even though Mission Control was, shall we say, not in favour!

The Wedding

Well after 7.5 hours on the road we made it up to Baildon, we went via Birmingham to collect Lawrie and Emma. A long old haul with plenty of traffic jams thanks to the snow; but we made it safe and sound.
It was all worth it when the wedding took place, our niece Nicola looked stunning. 

 Julia's twin sister, Phil. The mother of the bride.

The snow added a festive touch although it was mighty chilly when the group photos were taken outside. David seems rather cold, and cold champagne doesn't help much!

In the evening floating laterns were lit which meant another trip outside.
"Uncle Peter", the brides father with Andrew and Helena

 Emma wrapped up warm!

I even danced with my wife!

All in all a great bash, many congratulations to Joe and Nicola; they are a lovely couple. We even managed the drive home without hitting one traffic jam!

Monday, 13 December 2010

The snow has gone - but may be back!

Well the snow has gone; at least for the time being. According to those nice Weather Chappies on the TV Arctic conditions are set to return later this week. That is when we are due to drive t'up north to the wedding of Julia's niece. I guess all we can do is wait and see what happens. As all the ladies (well Julia at least) have bought the posh frocks etc for the wedding I just hope that we can make it.

The "Mo" is still on; Nicola did ask me to keep it for the wedding although whether she sees it will depend on the weather.

Alright as you have probably guessed by now I am taking these self portraits on the iMac.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

The UK in the snow from above

Lots of the white-stuff about!

Thanks for the Donations

Well Movember has drawn to a close. Thanks to the may who sponsored me I raised £492.50 for Prostate Cancer Charities. When I started I thought that anything over £100 would be good, so to have raised so much is great and the site does not stop taking donations until 09:00 GMT on 10/12/12, so you can still click here.
 I have not yet shaved the Mo off; Julia says it makes me look grumpy perhaps because I am a grumpy old man.
Anyway there it is all I need now is my fedora and I shall be complete.