Monday, 9 August 2010

A Hectic Few Days

Last weekend we had the great "excitement" of the arrival of a new Dyson Vacuum Cleaner (our first Dyson). The last vacuum cleaner had developed a habit of cutting out and you had to wait an increasing length of time before it reset itself. Like most modern appliances it was impossible to take apart to see exactly where the problem lay, that is progress for you. Matters came to a  head when it took me almost 2 hours to clean the car; most of the time being spent waiting. Anyway this machine is awesome in what it sucks up. It is not the quietest or the lightest but it certainly cleans.
Then Helena came down from Hull mid-week for a job interview as a management trainee. Julia went up to town with her (browsing the shops whilst Helena had the interview) and I joined them after work. We met up with Andrew and Gaew and had a couple of drinks followed by (sadly) a rather indifferent meal. Still we had a great evening; it is the people that count.
Friday the bottom fell out of my world as I had a colonoscopy in the evening (too much information). I see the great man this week although he did say that there is nothing seriously wrong; phew!
Sunday a long time American friend, Pat Reilley, came over for the day. I first met Pat in 1997 when I was in the States for six weeks on business writing an IBM Redbook. As I was over for such a long period I made contact with the local Scouts, I was a Scout Leader at the time. Pat was the international adviser and we struck up a good friendship. Pat made a small memento which is now one of my treasured possessions;

Pat had been to Scotland with some American Scouts and was now in London with his grandson, Todd and another scout, Ian. We had a most enjoyable day, we took them to Greenwich showed them the  Zero degrees Meridian Line, the Royal Observatory and then down to the town to see the painted hall in the old Naval College and the local market. Then back home for dinner, a most enjoyable day.
Todd, Pat and Ian

The Painted Hall

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