Monday, 5 April 2010

Politics and the General Election

It does seem as if, at long last, that "brave" Gordon will call the general election. Not that he really wants to mind, but that he is forced to, although it seems as if he will avoid leaving it to the very last minute. They really have been dreadful in the last few months, well longer than that if the truth were told. They started off with such high hopes some thirteen years ago and are ending up surrounded with the whiff of  corruption and decay. I wonder if David Cameron (I refuse to call him Dave) will really go for jugular. There is much to go for; the selling of gold at the bottom of the market, the wrecking of private pensions schemes, the ID card scheme, the lies and hypocrisy over immigration, the fueling of the credit boom (sorry that should read the end of boom and bust according to Gordon!), the list goes on. There is an embarrassment of riches to go for. They are even losing their touch at PR and spin at which Labour excelled. The recent poster scheme has spectacularly backfired on them. For those of you that did not see it this was the poster that was proudly unveiled by the Milliband brothers (they really do look like a prize pair of twerps).
Within hours the Tories had come up with this version:
For months the Tories have been trying to re-brand David Cameron as cool and with a hard edge, and Labour do it for them! They must have been asleep not to realise that Gene Hunt has become a cult figure and that the general population is fed up with the whole Political Correctness culture that is currently so prevalent. I just wonder if the Tories will have the nerve torun with this poster as the lead in the election campaign, we live in interesting times.

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