Monday, 19 April 2010

General Election and Things

Well the election has had last come to life. Sadly it is not political policies that are setting the pace; but the personalities of the three main party leaders and how they fared during last Thursday's televised debate. It promised to be dull; but at the end it started to get interesting. Nick Clegg "won" according to the polls and the race for power is now wide open. I believe that if most people realised that he and the Lib-Dems are in favour of closer integration into the EH and that we should the Euro then he would lose support. Whereas a year ago we would have confidently been expecting a Tory win now nobody knows. My guess is still a Tory majority of 20 -25  it is now wide open.

The Pope, at last, is now publicly exhibiting real leadership over the child abuse scandal and the subsequent cover up during his trip to Malta.  I suspect that much has been taking place behind the scenes and no doubt "coded" messages have been emanating from the Vatican. The problem is that as with politics, the general public does not understand the coded messages. What we want is clear simple talking. As a friend says if only the Church would say:
"The Catholic Church apologizes unreservedly for any abuse carried out by its priests.  It also apologizes unreservedly for any and all occasions where cases were not properly investigated and acted upon.   We now have in place policies and procedures which will prevent any possibility for future abuse and which, we believe, sets a standard for others to follow in the prevention, investigation and resolution of such cases.

Finally, we are truly sorry for the hurt that has been caused to the victims and their families.  We humbly beg their forgiveness."


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