Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Exciting Weekend?

Well yes it was really; Friday night Julia and I went to the Old Askean Association Annual Dinner. I have been a member for several years now, there being a gap of almost forty years between my leaving school and joining the old boys. Sadly in recent years the numbers attending these functions has dwindled and the current president, Roger Goodman, an old school friend asked us to go. It was a great evening held at the Royal Blackheath Golf Club, which claims to be the oldest golf club in the country. Although we did not know many people at the start of the evening we were made to feel most welcome and had a great time.
  Saturday was mainly spent in the church hall taking part in a training course which was very interesting and useful. At least I did the training and Julia slaved away doing refreshments.

Sunday we went, with David, to Birmingham to see Lawrie and Emma. It is Lawrie's birthday next Monday. Normally we would have gone up the Sunday before for a celebration. Sadly he is working that day, all police leave being cancelled as they have to marshal an event/parade or something. We all went out to a tapas bar and had a great meal. Then we went for a stroll along the canals and visited an art gallery. Then back to Lawrie and Emma's for a coffee and a quick snooze for me (what a surprise). Then the trek back to London, a great day out enjoyed by all.
David, Julia, Lawrie, Barry
Emma and Lawrie

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