Tuesday, 27 April 2010

The Church and Politics

At last we are seeing some leadership from the Church with relation to the child abuse scandal. The Bishops of England and Wales issued a letter which was read out throughout the country last Sunday. It acknowledged not only the guilt of a few members of the ordained priesthood; but that of some of the hierarchy in organising a cover up. It asked for forgiveness from those who have been brutalised by the affair and promised public exposure of all those caught doing such things whether recently or in the past. The full letter can be read by clicking here.

The election continues apace. It is interesting that the internet which was meant to set it all on fire has played a low key part so far. A couple of candidates have been sacked form their parties for expressing somewhat unpalatable and extreme  views and there has been the odd unwise comment on twitter. Apart from that it has been politics as usual; with , of course, the exception of the televised debates between the leaders of the three main parties. So far it is all rather close; but there is over a week to go and my guess is that one of them will make some colossal error that will shake things up. So far my money, if I were to bet, would be on a Tory majority of about 20 seats, we will soon see how wrong I have been!

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