Monday, 14 September 2015

Brave the Shave

The attached refers to Aidan who is a very dear friend of ours. So after Thursday you may not recognise me!

Deacon Aidan McPartlan's  future daughter in law, Billie, was diagnosed with leukaemia on Friday 4 September. She decided that she would have her very long hair cut, so that it could be used to make a wig for children. She wanted to do this before she starts on her treatment and so had it cut on  11 September. As you can imagine Aidan is very proud of Billie and already thinks of her as his daughter. He is also so impressed with her and her can do attitude.
To support Billie and to raise funds for McMillan Cancer Deacons Aidan and Barry Mellish are going to "Brave the Shave" and lose their Greying locks"! You can support then by donating to McMillan on:

More important than your money are your prayers, please pray for Billie, her fiancee Tony and all of their families.
Billie is writing a Blog on how she feels on what is happening to her, she is a very brave young lady:

So far we have not "had the chop" so here are the before photos, the chop comes this Thursday - remember please pray for Billie.
Inline image
Inline image

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