Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Unjust laws

Last night I watched "Call the Midwife" it was a recording of the episode where the father of a child was arrested for "improper and lewd behaviour" in a gentleman's public toilet. It became apparent that he knew that he was "gay" but got married to try to disguise the fact/hope that it would "go away" as it were.This prompted some speculation on my part:
1. I wonder how many people alive today were born in sham marriages where the man only married in an effort to disguise his sexuality.
2. How many people had their lives blighted as a result of being starred for gross indecency?
3. Why was Alan Turing pardoned? He did after all break the law as it then was (Unjust though the law may have been).
4. If Turing deserves to be pardoned why not everybody who was guilty of breaking that law?
5. What about all the other unjust and unfair laws that there have been throughout history?
6. Does not Turing's pardon reinforce the suspicion that there is one law for the rich, the powerful, the famous - the current scandal of child-abuse in "high places' is just one example of this.
7. Is there any likelihood that we will see a fair society where all are treated equally before the law?

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