Monday, 15 April 2013

A few days in Devon

We went to the Lodge for ten days on the Tuesday after Easter. The plan was to have a few days relaxation; as always plans do not turn out as quite expected. the journey down was great. We called into New Milton in the New Forest to see my cousin Mary who had recently turned 90 and to take her out to lunch. Mary was in fine form. I hope I am as bright and interesting as she is should I reach 90.

We then went on to the Lodge for a few days R & R. This was disturbed by a phone call from Lawrie on the Thursday telling us that Emma was in hospital. Then on the Friday came the news that she was in labour. So later that day it was up to Birmingham Women's Hospital to see Emma and the new arrival (See previous post for photos). We spent the weekend with Lawrie at Halesowen. As the baby arrived early they had not got much of the equipment that is needed - pram, cot etc etc. So we helped them get some of this in between visiting hospital. After visiting Sunday it was back to Devon; we had planned to eat out at a local pub. We tried three pubs, the first closes early on a Sunday, the other two are shut down! So we went back to the Lodge and cooked!
The weather wasn't up to much but I guess we got some rest, although we were obviously concerned about Emma and the baby. Still it is exciting being a grandparent for the first time. We did manage a trip to Buckfast Abbey.

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  1. Hi Barry,
    Really sorry we didn't get round to having you over while you were down here. We seem to have a backlog of meals we owe people. We 'paid off' three debts over easter but didn't get round to you. NEXT time you're down we'll invite you round!