Thursday, 11 October 2012

Do my children love me?

Is getting the old man a gift certificate fro a tandem sky dive a sign of love? Answers please!

First Day of Retirement!

Helena had come down for a few days, and Lawrie and Emma came down on the Friday evening. They had said that as the weather was nice we should go to the beach and so Saturday found us at Whitstable much to our surprise. The suggestion had been made partly in jest; but the weather was nice so off we went and we had a great time.

Emma, Barry and Helena

Barry and Lawrie

Lunch of fish and chips sat by the harbour wall, wondering along the sea shore then back through the high street looking at various art galleries and antique shops. In the evening we all, Barry, Julia, David, Andrew, Gaew, Lawrie, Emma and Helena (sadly Sam had to work) went off to our local Chinese, Ginny's Kitchen,  for a banquet. A really great evening was had by all.


Farewell to IBM

The past few days have been rather hectic to say the least. Wednesday 3 October I had my farewell drinks session at the Kings Arms, Roupell Street.  They only had nine different cask conditioned beers. I did my best to get through the card, but jad to admit defeat. I seemed to get stuck on one that was 6.6% ABV!
Thursday was my birthday, 65! We celebrated by going to Chapter One, the local one star Michelin Restaurant. I must confess that it thoroughly deserves its star. The food is fantastic and it has vegetarian menu which met Julia's expectations. I highly recommend this restaurant.

Friday was my last day at work, badge, phone, credit card and laptop were all handed in and I left the building. My manger Andy bought me lunch and we had a couple of beers together with a couple of colleagues. Then it was on the train home to start the rest of my life.