Friday, 30 March 2012


No this is not (for once) a typo, Parkrun organise free, weekly, 5km timed runs around the world. They are open to everyone, free, and are safe and easy to take part in. So last Saturday saw me take part in my first "race" for about 9 years. This is part of the "new me" campaign which I launched at the beginning of the year, my New Years resolution. My weight has been slowly ballooning and I am mighty unfit. Since January I have lost about 16 lbs in weight and started doing more exercise. My plan is to try and do a couple of these competitive runs each month which should give me encouragement to keep jogging. This first run saw me run the 5k in 30 minutes 19 seconds, when I think that twenty two years ago I was doing 10k in about thirty three minutes I realise that I have a lot of catching up to do. Still I was younger and about 40 lbs lighter!
One of the good things with these runs is that as well as getting your time they gave you an age graded score so you can compare your performance against runners in different age categories. My age graded score was 54.81%; hopefully the next run will show an improvement.
If you are interested in taking part - runs take place all over the UK and overseas then click here.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Opening the Lodge

Last weekend we went down to Devon to open the lodge after the winter break. Fortunately this year we did not suffer any frost damage. On the way down we called in to see my cousin Mary whom we had not seen for a couple of years. She was in fine form and we took her out for lunch, the restaurant was by the sea but thanks to the fog we could not see it!
Cousin Mary

A non-view of the sea!

Whilst we were down in Devon we went for a walk on the moors to Wistman's Wood. This is a magical place of stunted oak trees and lichen covered rocks. It is reputed to be the home of the large red-eyed black dogs that roam Dartmoor attacking unwary travellers - luckily for us they were not at home!
Wistman's Wood

We also went into Exeter, Julia looked at the new season's fashions.

Then we went for a walk along the Exe.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Stars of the small screen

Last Sunday Sky News were filming at our church when the Archbishops' letter concerning gay marriage was read out in our church. The observant among you will  note that they spliced the sequences together in the wrong order. Never mind!