Monday, 6 February 2012

Why we are going to the dogs as a country

Left home at 7:30 to go to Heathrow for a BA flight to Boston. I checked the flight schedules before I left home and the flight was on. When I arrived at Heathrow at 9:00 I found the flight was cancelled despite the weather improving! I transferred to a Virgin flight, when we boarded the captain said that we should arrive at Boston ahead of schedule only for us to have to sit for ober an hour on the plane whilst they de-iced it. Why couldn't they have de-iced it whilst we were boarding.
A severe case of left- hands and right- hands with a major disconnect in between. Al this for three inches of snow and temperatures just above freezing - how come flights can take off from Moscow when  there is heavy snow and minus 20degress C.
Sadly major companies no longer care for their customers; all they want is massive profits with minimal investment.

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