Monday, 4 July 2011

One Parish, One Mass

For the past three years we have held a Parish "One Mass Day". The aim is to gather the whole Parish together and have one Eucharistic Celebration. As there are so many people attending the event has to be held out-of doors. This year we were blessed with splendid weather and a gathering of some 750 people. The preparation for the event takes some days and a lot of hard work; that is just preparing the site, erecting marquees, building a stage etc. Never mind the liturgy, choir practice etc. Still the hard work is worthwhile and this year it was a great success. After the Mass there is a picnic followed by entertainment put on by the parishioners. This year quite a few stayed behind after the event to help clear the site which we did in record time. At least we have 12 months to recover before next years "One Mass Day"!
Ready for the Mass
The choir, final preparations
Some of the congregation
Processing in

The Mass is over
Elvis, not on the moon but at St. Joseph's!

Two of the site crew 

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