Thursday, 21 July 2011

The Last Ramble (and my first)

Last night was the final ramble of the season for the Old Askean Rambling Club. Despite all our good intentions Julia and I had not been able to make any of the rambles; until last night when I was able to make the final one of the season - a gentle ramble around Eltham. Not much of a choice of walks you might think; but you would be wrong. We started at Eltham Palace and at the back of it there is a surprising amount of green spaces. Eighteen of us rambled for a gentle couple of miles, expertly guided by Dermot Poston who is a fount of local knowledge. We went via some farms and fields to the Tarn, past some lovely house to Royal Blackheath Golf Club and then back to our starting point. We finished at Dermot's house for a glass of wine and some food - an excellent way to spend a Wednesday evening - and we avoided all the rain bar a few spots proving that the sun does shine on the righteous!

 The Chancellor's House

By the Tarn

 Royal Blackheath Golf Club

The Tilt Yard Gate

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