Friday, 12 February 2010

RS6000 - Old lags Reunion

Twenty years ago IBM launched what was for it a revolutionary new computer running a Unix operating system called AIX,  the computer  was called the RS6000.

The range at launch
An early notebook weighing at about 15 lbs!

Those of us who worked on the product in the early years meet up annually to have a reunion. Normally we meet on Beaujolais Day in November. However as this month marks the 20th anniversary of the products launch we postponed the 2009 celebration to this month so that we could all meet and celebrate properly. Some 38 of us "Old Lags" met up for a trip down memory lane. It was a great success; I met up with two of my old (aren't we all old now) managers who I have not seen for some 15 years. One of them has a house in Devon and hopefully we will meet up for a beer when we next descend on the lodge.
We are all still young at heart!

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